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Top Five destinations for Honeymooners in Vietnam

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A perfect honeymoon will begin a new life journey for newlyweds, who wish to choose Vietnam as romantic destination for honeymoon trip. Let’s check out top five honeymoon destination, selected from many beautiful places from North to South of Vietnam.  

Halong Bay

Halong Bay ranked 1st among top five destinations for honeymooners. Let’s imagine that that you will wake up in a luxury cruise decorated with the most modern facilities and interior design and have a chance to catch the spectacular moments of sunrise. It will surely be worthwhile experience on the sea. Moreover, both of you can enjoy the fresh delicious seafood right on the windy deck while the boat is floating passing through many limestone mountains and caves. Let the natural wonder of the world bring you and your partner a wonderful honeymoon than ever!

To make your honeymoon tour in Halong bay more memorable, you are advised to take part in a lot of interesting outdoor activities, such as kayaking and dining under the stars with candle light on the white sand beach of romantic Titop Island!


The misty Sapa is another ideal for foreign newly-married couples. Dubbed as a little Paris of the West North of Vietnam, Sapa surely brings romantic time when both of you – hands in hands - walk along the hilly windy road to the old stone church in the coldness and then stop at a little local bar for some warm Tao Meo alcohol.

If you need quietness and privacy with the best room service, 4 or 5 star hotels are good recommendations. Or else, you can choose other hotels in this town which are not more expensive but deliver good service.

Some recommended attractions in Sapa for you are the mansions built in French colonization time, the Bac waterfall at the height of 100m and the Cat Cat ethnic village of local Hmong. Also, you should not miss joining weekend love market or climbing up the Sky Gate or Cloud Yard to take photos.

Best honeymoon tours in Sapa at: http://vietnamdiscovery.com/destination/sapa-5 

Ba Na Hill

Though the sun is shining, you will feel the freshness right at the moment you reach Ba Na hill. The majestic nature, the splendid forest, and the pristine atmosphere on the hill will inspire your love during the time spent at Ba Na.

Some must-try activities for you are joining a hiking trip to the Ba Na’s highest Nui Chua peak, visiting Linh Tu Temple as well as playing in the most modern theme park of Vietnam – Fantasy Park. In particular, you two will have a very special moment for exploring Ba Na by night, enjoying the view of Da Nang from afar, and dancing around the fire.

Ninh Van Bay

Escaping from the outside world, you two can enjoy the best honeymoon trip in Ninh Van Bay – a small but beautiful island in Nha Trang. This place is compared to a wild and fascinating paradise island where each wave rushing into the shore will glisten the sands and turn them into sparkling diamonds under the sun.

Lying entirely in the natural atmosphere, the hotels and resorts in Ninh Van Bay are well designed as little wooden houses right next to the sea, on the hill or rocky cliffs. Let’s join together to feel unison with nature as well as to experience the world-class professional customer service during stay at Ninh Van Bay.

Da Lat

Though there have been many new tourist destinations for honeymoon trip in Vietnam, Da lat is still one of the most popular places for lovers. The best thing to do is taking the hand of your beloved one, walking through the wild yellow flowers to breathe in the pristine air as well as to listen to the melody of the wind inside the trees. Night time is spent for sitting side by side in a romantic café next to the lake or wandering around night market to taste some local street food.

One of the must-try experiences in Da lat tour is to stay at some mansions at the peaceful outskirts where you can really feel the slowly pace of life in Da Lat and have a private and romantic space to enjoy the sweetest moments of your whole life. 


24 hour to do in Hanoi

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What should you do if you have only 24 hours for your stay in Hanoi? Let’s read out some suggestions on the best way to immerse yourself in an exotic and exciting city with full of ancient history and bustling life!

Hanoi sightseeing 

The best place for explore Hanoi sightseeing tour in 24 hours is the Hanoi’s Old Quarter, regarded as the heart of the capital city. It is also where you can find a mass of activity and great chance to cater all your tastes, particularly in the narrow streets and alleys which are bustling with traffic!

Joining a walking tour in the Hanoi’s Old Quarter is an ideal way to see the variety of small shops, cafes and restaurants as well as to meet the street vendors. During your walking tour, why not stop for a quick break at a café and let yourself a chance to try a cup of Vietnamese coffee, which will surely give you a boost for the rest of the morning. As you stroll along the old streets, you can easily find out the gifts for your beloved, such as Vietnamese clothes, souvenirs or traditional artwork.

Otherwise, if you are not fancy of walking, you can take a cyclo tour to travel around the Old Quarter. The cyclo tour only takes you for about one hour and cost you a few dollars. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to find the cyclo driver, right on the streets!

The following stop-over of a walking tour around Hanoi should be the legendary Hoan Kiem Lake. You will find the Ngoc Son temple at the northern side of the lake. It is located on an island over the little red bridge over the lake. Prepare your camera with you as you will surely need it for taking some picturesque photos.

Visit Museums and Temples in Hanoi

For those who are interested in the long-lasting Hanoi history, taking a Hanoi culture tour to explore one among the numerous museums or temples around Hanoi is an ideal option.

If you have to opt for one place to visit in Hanoi, it must be Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, a grand and powerful structure displaying the embalmed body of the beloved President Ho Chi Minh himself. The mausoleum is open for free and you are only allowed to enter here from 8am to 10am. You need to be informed that the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum will be closed between October and December, so leave this one off your agenda if your plan in Hanoi is set at that time.

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is part of Ho Chi Minh Complex, offering you other place-to-visit including the Ho Chi Minh Stilt House, the Presidential Palace, the One Pillar Pagoda and the Ho Chi Minh Museum.

If you are a fan of Vietnamese architecture, you are strongly to take a visit to both the two attractions of the Temple of Literature and the Fine Arts Museum. While the Temple of Literature offers you a tranquil atmosphere and a good escape from the hustle and bustle city, the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is where you can find a mixture of sculptures, panting and ceramics from a range of periods, along with the impressive collection of modern art displaying on one floor.

Where to go if you are fond of understanding more about Vietnam war as well as listening to stories of old Veteran in Hanoi? Nothing is more worthwhile than a Hanoi tour to the private war museum. Just take a chance to visit the first private war remnants museum, featuring thousands of war objects gathered across the country over the past 20 years by a war veteran named Nguyen Manh Hiep. There are bomb shells, soldiers’ utilities and photos displaying in a 30-square-meter yard in front of his house.

In addition, for studying Vietnamese ethnic minorities, visiting the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is definitely a must. The space inside the museum is for showcasing a great collection from the numerous minority tribes of Vietnam together with a variety of typical objects from the village and the materials used to make them; whereas, the outside displays a full scale replica houses, typical of those found in tribal area.

Enjoy nightlife and entertainment

With a free night, you are advised to check-in at the Municipal Water Puppet Theatre for a water puppet performance, which is held daily from late afternoon to evening. Join it for a truly authentic Vietnamese experience than ever! Let's check out the agenda for four hours Hanoi by night tour!

On the other hand, you can opt for going to bars and nightclubs around the Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Trying a glass of Bia Hoi at Ta Hien street can’t be your bad choice to entertain the nightlife in Hanoi!

Things to eat

Pho is the first and foremost you must try when staying in Hanoi as it is the most traditional and famous food of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. Pho is a noodle soup which is served with either beef or chicken. You can easily find Pho at one of the street stalls or at most of restaurants in the old quarter. 

For truly experience on eating with locals, trying the BBQ on the side of the street must be a good choice. Let’s sit not far off the ground on small plastic chair for great and cannot-be-missed experience in Hanoi. Ma May Street tops the list of BBQ places.

Can you believe that the street food of Hanoi will come to you if you don’t want to go to the street food! At Quan An Ngan, you can pick your dish from all the options and the waiters will order it from the relevant stall for you. It’s a 3-star way to try what the locals eat for their daily meal.

Otherwise, you can choose to join a home hosted dinner tour in Hanoi for only 3-4 hours for amazing and unforgettable time when the host treats you with delicious Vietnamese traditional dishes and teaches you the customs of a typical family dinner in Vietnam!

Wish you can choose the best things to do in Hanoi in 24 hours only, out of the above suggestions, so as you will have an unforgettable trip in the city with true experience!



Diving tips in Nha Trang

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Nha Trang is home to 20 individual dive sites providing something for every level of diver.

Favorite sites in Nha Trang Bay include Electric Nose, Madonna Rock and Moray Beach. Among these, Moray Beach is the best location to photograph angler-fish, ribbon eels and devil scorpion fish.

The diving off Whale Island is spectacular from January through to October. Hon Trau Nam is the most beautiful and spectacular of the Whale Island dive sites. The floor of this site, at 20-35 meter deep, is yellow, white and purple with soft coral making it an underwater fantasy land.

Hon Mun, a Marine protected Area, is considered the best site for snorkeling. At only 6m, a picture of heaven opens around you, with hundreds of fish swimming in the jungle of coral. Deeper, at around 10m, a torch can be used to discover the secret lives of many creatures in caves under the sea. For those who are diving experts, Hon Mun also offers depths of more than 20m. Also, being one of the stop-overs of a full day Nha Trang four island tour, Hon Mun Island is an ideal place for swimming and sunbathing.

Besides Hon Mun, Monkey Island is also a popular dive site. At depths of only 3-5 meters you can touch the life under the sea. Diving off Monkey Island is easy and safe for those who are newcomers. The water is so pure that you can see the fish and coral 10m away.

Each diving tour offers two dives. People who have a diving PADI qualification can five for 30-45 minutes with an instructor. Those who would like to dive for the first time can do a “try-dive” for around 15-30 minutes.

Many feel slightly scared at first; however, once reaching a certain depth, they all feel that diving is not so tough because the instructor is always by their side. Furthermore, the excitement of entering a totally different world under the sea will make them forget all their fears.

Besides diving activity, the coastal city of Nha Trang offeres variety of Things to do, visit at: http://cityinsight.vn/vietnam-city-tours/nha-trang.html


Shopping in Vietnam

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I. Shopping in VN in brief 

Shopping in Vietnam is a fun and interesting experience, and guarantees good bargains to those who know what to look for. It is true to say that you can find nearly anything in Vietnam. Markets vary from high class shopping malls, supermarkets to bustling open market, galleries, boutiques and street stalls.
It is not recommended that you buy imported, famous branded products such as clothing, perfume or electronics in Vietnam as tax makes these items more costly than neighboring countries.
In terms of shopping for tourists, Vietnam is most famous for its handicrafts, war souvenirs, authentic clothing, art, antiques and gems.
Hotspots include  Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, each of which has a temping selection of everything from avant-garde art to sumptuous silk suits.

Art and Antiques
Vietnam has very strict regulations about exporting real antiques. There are several shops to hunt for art and antiques. Both traditional and modern paintings are a popular item. More sophisticated works are displayed in art galleries, while cheaper mass-produced stuff is touted in souvenir shops and by street vendors. Be careful and check your sources for certificates if they claim to sell you an original or antique piece.


24h in Vietnam

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I. 24h in Hanoi 

8.00: Get up early to feel the fresh morning of Hanoi, and catch a taxi (or bus to save money) to the West Lake to have some delicate breakfast at a lakeside floating restaurant or café. This is the largest lake in the northwest center of Hanoi with a perimeter of 17 km, also an oxbow lake created from a curved part of the huge Red River. Sitting here, a vast pure world over the surface of the evergreen river is open wide to all ends to serve your eyes. If you stay at Sheraton hotel, or any just nearby, it’s a big luck for you to easily get out of your bed early at the best time of 5.30 to best feel and breath in the clean and cool air from the lake.
The unique One-Pillar Pagoda, a wooden structure built in 1049, sits on stilts over a lake. A king of the Ly Dynasty, Ly Thai Tong King had it built after having a dream in which Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Mercy, presented him with a lotus flower. The existing pagoda is a miniature reproduction of the original, which was said to represent a lotus emerging from the water. It is certainly interesting, and a prayer here is said to bring fertility and good health. It's best to wear something full-length (skirt or trousers), not shorts.

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