3 tips to save cost for Vietnam trip

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For travel adherents, along with scheduling trips, the budget preparation is indispensable. Not only include major expenses such as transportation, airfare, and hotel. Other fees can easily cost you out of budget. So, how to get the best cost estimate with reality? The following article will list the basic cost for a Vietnam trip

1. Determine the time and place of travel in Vietnam

Travel expenses will vary a lot from time to time, especially with popular tourist destinations. Determining your starting point, destinations you will go, and the length of stay will give you a clearer view of your cost.

2. Create a cost table for Vietnam travel

You can use excel or simply a blank sheet of paper, including two columns: the cost name and the amount of money. List all the necessary types of expenses as follows:

Transportation cost: This is usually one of the most costly of the budget. If you travel by plane, train or car, the cost is equal to the fare. In this case you need to pay attention to the related items, especially if traveling Vietnam: Vietnam visa fee, passport, luggage fee, and other fee at the airport or train station.

Vietnam Visa Cost:

There are three ways to apply for a Vietnam visa at three different Vietnam visa cost.

- The fees for applying visa at the Vienam embassy may vary from embassy to embassy, so contact them for details.

- The fee for electronic visa is 25 USD.

        Processing time: Within 3 working days from the date of receipt of sufficient information for e-visas and visa fees. The Immigration Department will review and respond to the e-visa information page.

        Duration of Vietnam e-visa: 30 days in single entry.

- The fee for Vietnam Visa on arival will vary depending on your country, you can visit https://www.vietnam-visa.com/ for more information.

This Vietnam visa cost may be a little higher than the other ones because it includes 2 types of fee: Service fee (paid after you fill the application form on the website) and Stamping fee (paid when you arrive at Vietnam’s airport), but It's worth the money. You will save a lot of time coming to the embassy several time; the procedure is very fast (If you need urgency, it only takes a few hours to complete) and the successful rate is very high.

If you travel by driving yourself, determine the distance from your starting point to your destination, estimate your fuel costs (either manually or using some online tools from websites).

In addition to moving from the starting point to the destination you want to go, the cost of transportation also includes transportation at the destination: car rental, taxi, and bus, for example.

        Accommodation costs: Determine the resort, hotel or motel you stay in, check the rates with online tools or by calling. Booking should be made in advance, avoid the price difference on arrival.

        Meals: Main meals during the tour, snacks or drinks along the way, including ready-to-eat packaged foods such as snacks, cereals, and milk should be included in the total cost of meals.

        Cost of fun activities: sightseeing tickets, game tickets …

        Gift costs: After a trip, definitely gifts for relatives and friends are indispensable, in addition to the cost for local specialties or traditional souvenirs …

        Costs for holidays: Sometimes you need to ask for some days off for traveling, so you should calculate the number of working hours and the amount of your salary deducted, add it to the amount of time and money you spend to cover your total expenses.

        Other costs incurred: tips for service, repair costs if your vehicle is damaged ...

3. Calculate the total cost and estimate the budget for Vietnam trip

After you have listed the items, you calculate the total cost. Note that the estimated cost may differ from the actual cost. Normally, you need to add an extra money, an estimate for the uncertainty. And the final figure is the budget you need to prepare for the trip.

We hope that the above information will be helpful for your Vietnam trip. Have a nice journey!