How to get a visa for Vietnam from USA

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Vietnam is a tourist destination that many foreign tourists love. If you live in the US and want to travel to Vietnam, check out the following article on “How to get a visa for Vietnam from USA”.

There are 2 cases mentioned in this article about how to get Vietnam visa in USA: The applicant for a Vietnam visa is US citizens and the applicant for a Vietnam visa is foreigners residing in the USA.

A. Vietnam visa for US citizens

US citizens have three ways to apply for a Vietnam visa.

1. The first one is to carry apply at the Embassy of Vietnam (Vietnam embassy San Francisco): This is the most common way in the country where the government of Vietnam has not applied the visa policy by technology solutions or Vietnam has no diplomatic mission.

Advantages: You will be stamped the visa on the passport.

Disadvantages: This method has the complex procedure, the highest cost, especially for the labor, long-term work, multiple entries, and the high possibility to fail. The 7-day review period, if you have an urgent need during the day, will be difficult to meet.

2. The second one is to apply for Vietnam e-visa: This is the new visa policy applied by the government of Vietnam in 40 countries from February 1st, 2017 including the US.

Advantages: It is very convenient. You just go to the website to enter information and wait for approval. The fee is about 25 $ (pretty cheap).

Disadvantages: Website interface is not user-friendly, difficult to operate, only one entry and stay up to 30 days. In order to be granted an electronic visa, you must complete the information in accordance with each process, especially for long-term approval.

3. The third one is to apply for Vietnam visa-on-arrival. This is a policy reserved for travel companies and reputable organizations in Vietnam that can guarantee their clients and partners to Vietnam for a variety of purposes.

Advantages: It is really fast (meeting the urgent needs within 1 hour). The implementation is really simple with cheap cost. There are many options of time, purpose, number of times.

Disadvantages: Another step is to postpone your visa at Vietnam airport. If you want to enter Vietnam by road, you will not be able to apply in this way.

► Their full details are available here: Vietnam visa for US citizens.

B. Vietnam visa for those living in the US but not being US citizens

If you are resident in the United States but are not a citizen of the country, you can check whether you need a visa or not by accessing to

In case you need a visa to enter Vietnam, you will not need to return to your home country for a Vietnamese visa as you can apply for a visa at the Vietnamese embassy in the United States or in any country that is convenient for you.

To check required documents for Vietnam visa application, please visit the official website of Vietnam embassy.

However, if you enter Vietnam by air, you can apply for a visa at the airport easily thanks to the convenience, fast and simple process of this visa type.

* How to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival - the most convenient way to get Vietnam visa:

If you do not wish to visit the embassy, the travel agency can also help you apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. They will send your information (you only need to provide them with a passport scan and the information about entry date via their email) to the Immigration Department of Vietnam for a visa approval letter. This letter will also be sent to you by fax or email, so you can present it to the airport staff when you arrive at Vietnam airport to check-in procedures. This approval letter is not a substitute for a visa but only confirms that you will be granted with an official entry visa at a Vietnam airport upon your arrival.

Wish you quickly obtain a visa Vietnam! Good luck!