Connectivity in Vietnam

Friday, 08 August 2008 17:43
I. Telephone and Faxes network in Vietnam 

Vietnam communication network

Fixed telephone and fax

Mobile phones

City phone (available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)


Charges are depended on the service providers.

Make direct calls

International code: 00
Domestic code: 0
Vietnamese code: 84

To Vietnam:

00 + 84 + [city / network code] + [phone number]

From Vietnam:

00 + [destination-country code] + [phone number]

Within city:

[phone number]

To other city:

0 + [city code] + [phone number]

To city phone:

0 + [Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City’s code] + [phone number]
(dial phone number directly when you are in the same city)

To mobile phones:

0 + [network code] + [phone number]

From mobile phones:

0 + [city / network code] + [phone number]

Discount options

Important phone numbers (available in every Vietnam cities)

113 Police
114 Fire Brigade
115 Ambulance
1080 Information about society, economy, culture (in Vietnamese, English, French)
101 Long Distance Domestic telephone service
102 Directory assistance for long distance domestic telephone service
103 Operator-assisted long distance domestic telephone service
110 International telephone service
112 International telephone service rate
113 International telephone service inquiries
116 Phone number inquiries
117 Time inquiries
118 Ring back test
119 Advice on telephone repairs
1088 Consultation in areas of health, law, informatics, psychology, living skills...
See Vietnam Yellow Pages for more information.

II. Postal Service in Vietnam

Post Office ("Buu Dien" in Vietnamese) appears in every city, town, village and rural sub-district, opens from 6.30am to 9pm, including weekends and public holidays. International postal rates are similar to those in European countries.
Items mailed to international destinations: regular service takes a month, airmail service takes five to ten days, express-mail service (EMS) takes less than 5 days and everything is registered.
FedEx, DHL and UPS are reliable for small parcels or documents and available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Postcards cost from 7,000D to 15,000D, depending on the destination.
Receiving even a small package from abroad can cause a headache, and large ones will produce a migraine. If the parcel contains books, documents, video tapes, computer disks or dangerous goods, it’s possible that a lengthy inspection will be required, which could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Local, international mail service includes the followings
Letters & Postcards Publications, publications for the blind, small packages. (Weight limit of small package is not over 2kg).

Parcels - Local and Overseas
Weight limit of local parcels is defined by post. office of each province. General maximum weight for one parcel is 31.5 kg.

Postal Financial Services

  1. Remittance by mail & telegram is provided throughout : the country .Vietnam Postal Service has opened one way international remittance service from France, Japan, Belgium, USA, Czech, Slovakia, Latvia, Singapore, China, Malaysia to Vietnam.
  2. Express money transfer is available in towns, centers of cities and provinces within Vietnam.
  3. Post Saving is provided throughout the country in the following ways:Time Saving

Telegraphic bouquet service: including telegraphic bouquet with congratulation, greeting and telegraphic bouquet with condolence

Press Distribution

  1. Newspapers and magazines are retailed at any Post Office and Kiosk.
  2. Period subscription of domestic and imported publications:

Customers can purchase domestic press at any Post Office at any time with long-term or subscription modes.

Express Mail Service (EMS)
Express Mail Service (EMS) delivers letters, parcels, mail items, goods.. domestically & internationally on schedule of VNPT as announcement to each region & country. Weight limit for EMS parcels to overseas depends on the agreement with target country. EMS is available in 54 cities and provinces within Vietnam and to 51 countries in the world.

Other postal services

Accept delivering of postal and parcel with special service

When sending postal items and parcels, customers can use other special services as following:

Certification at sending (A parcels): A parcels are normal parcels with certification of sending. Senders should pay at the price & will be issued receipts.
Express mail service: Senders require immediate delivery of parcels to receivers after arrival. This service is available for the receiver. With address within delivering area of the Post-Office in the cities & towns, accepting request at the time of applying postal items & parcels.

Postal items and parcels using Post Retante are not allowed to use express.

III. Internet Access in Vietnam

Today the Internet is widely available throughout towns and cities in Vietnam, including dial-up (VNN1260 or VNN1269) and ADSL (MEGA VNN). ADSL services are used in most hotels, guesthouses and cyber cafés while dial-up services can be used through telephone line.
Hotels and guesthouses may apply varied charges on internet usage. Cyber cafés are a good choice with just 2,000 to 3,000d per hour. Many post offices also offer this service.
It’s easy for tourists to get access to the internet here: what you need is only your personal notebook or laptop (with “standard” modem) as hotels offer several facilities in the room. You can buy prepaid cards to save cost. They are sold at most post offices. Remember that the power supply voltage may vary from that at your home, risking damage your equipment. So use it with care!