Top 3 tips for packing when traveling Vietnam with your kids

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When traveling Vietnam with your kids, there are some top tips to pack that you should know. Let’s find out what they are in the following information of this article.

1. Medicine and first-aid essentials

In case there is something may happen in a strange a country, it’s suggested to bring some medicine and first-aid essentials such as aspirin, medication for allergic reactions, antiseptic cream, and bandages. Additionally, you also should pack an insect spray in your luggage to protect you and your kids from mosquitos bite and other insect when abroad. Moreover, Vietnam is a tropical country which is quite hot, especially in the summer, therefore prepare a sunscreen tube is not a bad idea.

2. Clothes and toys

It is so great to encourage your kids to pack their own clothes as they can choose which clothes they like, but you should keep your eyes on them and help them if necessary. Apart from the outfit for sightseeing, you should bring some socks, pajamas, underwear, and a coat for your children. Also, keep in mind the luggage limitation. Don’t pack too much clothes if they are not really necessary.

Along with clothes, you can bring some toy for your kids as most children love to bring toys with them when traveling (but just 1 or 2 small toys will be much better).

3. Plastic bags and zip bags

Plastic bags are also necessary if you travel with your kids because it is the greatest way to protect clean clothes from the dirty ones. Moreover, you also need some zip bags for the trip so that stuffs of each child can be put separately. Therefore your children will be able to find their own clothes easily without making your suitcase in a mess to find their clothes during the trip.

Just-in: Vietnam visa requirement

Before traveling to Vietnam, travelers should check Vietnam visa requirement first. If you are not on the exemption list or want to stay in Vietnam more than visa exemption days then Vietnam visa will be a must. As for your kids, if they have their own passports, you have to apply for Vietnam visa for them.

1. Vietnam visa through Vietnam Embassy

To apply for this traditional Vietnam visa, applicants need to bring and submit documents directly to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate and wait for at least 5 working days to get visa processed. Also, ask them for more detail as each Embassy has its own requirement and Vietnam visa fees.

2. Vietnam Visa on arrival

For those who travel to Vietnam by air, Vietnam visa on arrival may be suitable for which applicants can apply online and get full Vietnam visa when arrive at Vietnam airport. The processing time takes only 1 or 2 working days or even a few hours in urgent or super urgent cases.

There are 2 kinds of fees that applicants have to pay including the service fee and visa stamp fee. The service fee is the payment for the visa company's service that you applied for to get approval letter while the latter is the payment for Vietnam Immigration Officer when you get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport.

Full up-to-date information about Vietnam visa on arrival for all travelers around the world is available at - a great portal for visa information and assistance.

3. Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa is for those who are in the 46 countries list. This list can be found here. Note that this kind of visa is applicable for one single entry only and valid in 30 days so if your stay in Vietnam is longer, please consider 2 above suitable options.

Hope our information can help you prepare for your trip easier and wish you have a wonderful time with your children. Welcome to Vietnam!