16 ways to save cost for a Vietnam trip

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Some people said traveling takes a lot of money; nevertheless, this article will prove visitors can save lots of money when traveling. Here are some ways to help you to cut the extra cost when traveling, especially in Vietnam.

1. Choose free activities

If you can spend the time to search, just find many free activities so check out the ongoing activities at your travel destination. Museums usually have a day off during the week and discount tickets at certain times of the day or hiking is also an effective way to save money.

2. Book a room with a fridge/microwave or kitchen

Although some people may not like cooking while traveling, self-catering breakfasts or lunches save a great amount of money.

3. Shop at local markets and shops

Countryside markets often have food with cheap prices at the end of the day therefore shopping at local stores allows you to save money without paying a high price for the restaurant.

4. Choose the convenient hotel

Hotels in the downtown area make travel easier so if you are in town, it’s better to choose the hotel near the subway or bus.

5. Bring water/snacks when going on picnic

Children need snacks when exploring outdoors with their family means you will have to buy these items along the way with higher price. Just put some pieces of cake in the bag and take out when the baby needs energy. Do not forget to bring water while visiting the outdoors.

6. Earn points

Some hotel often has programs to help you accumulate points during your stay there until enough points are needed and guests can stay free in the hotels.

7. Search for travel coupons

Depending on the type of coupon, you may find some free attractive tourist attractions, discounts at restaurants. Or you can go shopping outlets and many other free utilities.

8. Do not choose a deluxe room

Backpackers usually rent a hotel room with the main purpose is to sleep therefore do not need a room with a beautiful view or too wide space. Furthermore, you rarely use swimming pools or gyms so deluxe hotel room is unnecessary.

9. Do not rent a hotel in the crowded areas

‌Hotels in the rural area far from travel destinations are often cheaper than hotels at the city central. Travellers usually go out all day and back to the hotel in the evening just to sleep so renting hotel in this area can be considered then.

‌11. Rent an apartment

‌If you travel in large groups, you can rent apartments instead of many hotel rooms to save costs. Guests can use services such as VRBO, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor.

12. Avoid peak travel season

You can find cheap airline tickets and cheap hotel rooms in low season when tourists don’t face with crowded and noisy conditions as well.

13. Find a discount restaurant

Restaurants usually serve special lunches at lower prices than usual.

14. Do not eat near tourist spots

In some cities, you can walk a few blocks to cheaper restaurants and remember to not to eat near tourist spots as these restaurants often increase prices by the number of guests.

15. Create a travel budget

Planning your spending right from the start, you will avoid the budget deficit during the travel.

16. Choose visa on arrival

Nowadays, people tend to apply for Vietnam e-visa and Vietnam visa on arrival instead of the traditional way obtaining via embassy. Each of them has its own advantages, disadvantages and Vietnam visa cost so just be sure you have enough information in advance to choose the best option.