Full Guide for Vietnam visa in Barcelona

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You will save a lot of money, for sure, if you are searching for information about Vietnam visa in Barcelona and reading through this post.

Here we will provide you with 2 pieces of information: Vietnam visa requirement in Barcelona and ways to get visa for Vietnam in this place.

Vietnam visa requirement in Barcelona

Upon speaking of visa exemption, we do not mention your current residence, we mention your nationality.

In case you are Spanish citizens, you will be exempted from Vietnam visa for up to 15 days in the country if:

  1. Your passport is valid for at least 06 months since your arrival date; and
  2. Your arrival date do not fall within 30 days since exit date of your last stay in Vietnam with visa exemption.

If you are not Spanish citizens, you need to check whether you need the visa or not by accessing to https://www.vietnam-visa.com/vietnam-visa-exemption/. In case your nationality is listed in this link, a visa is not required.

Otherwise, you will need a visa to Vietnam.

How to obtain Vietnam visa in Barcelona?

You may think that it’s quite difficult to get a visa for Vietnam. It is perhaps just the case when you have not read this piece of information. And for sure, it is not the case after you read this information.

At the moment, there are two ways to get a visa to Vietnam in Barcelona, namely:

  1. Getting visa via the Vietnam embassy; or
  2. Getting visa on arrival.

Following are major differences between these two ways:


Visa on arrival

Embassy visa

Issued by

Vietnam Immigration Department

Vietnam Embassy in Spain

Processing time

2 working days (or 2 hours urgent)

4 - 5 working days

Processing fee

From US$21 (excluding stamp fee)

Varied by case

Additional fees


Postal cost, driving, parking fees

Passport required



Now, let’s see in details how each of them works to figure out which is the best for you.

For Visa at Vietnam Embassy:

The nearest Vietnam embassy for you to submit your visa application to is the Vietnam embassy in Madrid, around 600km from Barcelona. They may accepts submissions in person or by post. So, as you live far from the embassy, you are highly recommended to contact them in advance for exact information.

If they accept submissions via post, then follow the steps below:

  1. Download the application form on website of the embassy you are planned to apply for visa with, fill it out and attached it with a photo;
  2. Prepare documents for application, including: application form, original passport, photos and visa fee, an envelop with unused stamp and others as required by the embassy;
  3. Send all the documents and visa fee to the embassy address by post;
  4. Wait and receive the envelop back with your original passport and visa stamp;

For Visa on Arrival

This way is said to solve the inconveniences of the former way, including the risk of losing passport on the way forth and back from the embassy by post; various documents to be submitted for visa application. The process of visa on arrival is completely different. Its application is made completely online without submitting any documents. Accordingly, it is said very convenient for those in Barcelona who are far from the embassy of Vietnam.

Here is the process to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Barcelona residents:

  1. Access to https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html, and complete the form here (no document is required);
  2. Review to make sure all information is correct, and then make payment of service fee online;
  3. Wait for maximum 2 working days or even 2 working hours in urgent cases (for tourist visa) to get visa approval letter delivered to email;
  4. Get visa stamped upon original passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport (a few minutes at the airport).

But one big disadvantage of visa on arrival is that it is available for those traveling to Vietnam by air only. The former way remains your single choice in case you travel to Vietnam by bus, train or ship.

After reading this post, can you well define your case? Do you need a visa to Vietnam and what is the best way for you to get Vietnam visa from Barcelona?